Europe’s Impressive Road Safety Record


If you’ve ever wondered where the best road safety records are then it’s likely this new report has your answer.  Last year, saw another impressive decrease in the number of fatalities on the roads of Europe.  It is estimated the numbers have fallen over 8% in the last year,  a huge success story by any measure.  In fact the fall is even more impressive when expressed as the number of lives saved – this figure is approaching 9000 people.

The EU commissioner is happy for this to be seen as one of the trademarks for the European Community,  having safe roads and overall transport safety is a great success story.   Having said that there are still many people who die on Europe’s roads every day, so complacency should not be allowed at any level.

There is actually a large variance, between different countries in Europe – the safest places are the UK, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark.  These countries have always had the best safety records in the community but now there are several other countries who have improved significantly.  These include Spain, Germany and Slovakia who now have all improved their positions on the safety league table and better than average results.

There are some other countries who need to improve their records with far more fatalities on their roads than the European average.  Places like Poland, Bulgaria and Greece for example all have a long way to go to try and match their European neighbors in the road safety table.

The improvements are in some way a result of the initiative which was started in 2011, entitled the EU Road Safety Action programme, it’s overall goal was to halve the number of road deaths in Europe by 2020.  It includes several areas to develop in order to achieve this including improvements to vehicles, infrastructure and of course most importantly the way people drive.

More information can be found on various news sites and the EU Road safety Vademecum.  To access specific country restricted web sites like the BBC and French news channels then try this method of hiding your location.  Alternatives include the new Smart DNS service recently launched by Overplay.