Safety in sports


As many of you know, sports can be dangerous. Most “minor” accidents happens actually during sports. You risk hurting your knee or foot when playing soccer, risk falling of the horse and break something when horse racing, the same goes for skiing. Sports are dangerous, but most of the times the injuries you get while taking part in sport is often minor. Quite different does it look, if we take a closer look at professionel sports. A lot of pro skaters, skiing experts, Football players etc. quite ofte risk getting a serious injury from their sport. And often one that forces them to quit what they are doing and focus on something else. But for most of us, it’s on a much smaller scale. I had recently a talk with James Hegn from who knows quite a lot about this problem. He used to be a pro bikecycle rider and have taken part in several of the big races around Europe. One day he got in a really bad crash and his leg got so damaged that it had to be removed. Since then he have been a huge name in paracycling. James Hegn is just one of many who have gotten badly injured by giving himself 110% to the sport he loves.

There are of course a few things you can do, to help minimize the changes of you getting hurt when taking part of a sport.

Get the proper training
Everything is hard in the beginning. For most people their first bike ride wasn’t down a step hill as that would very likely end with an injury. When you try a new sport, you will very likely need some training from expert before you begin. If we go back to the bike example, something that is very hot here in 2015 is mountainbiking. Most people start out with a friend or something with a low level of experience. Because of this we are seeing a lot of crashes when they try on the rough terrains. A lot of these crashes could have been prevented, if they had taken a few mountainbike classes first. It’s the same with sports such as paragliding or hanggliding, you don’t just read a book about and then go out and start by yourself. A lot of sporting accident wouldn’t happened if the person involved had some training.

Wear the right safety gear
Even with the best training accidents will still happen in sport, even professionel athlets gets hurt now and then. But a lot of the sports related injuries could have been prevented if the person hurt, had been wearing the proper safery gear. For instance there is a lot of people playing american football without any protection. Quite ofte this leads to a fractured collarbone or a concussion. Something that could easily have been avoided by wearing the right protection gear.

Start out small
Another common way of getting injured is by taking on to big a challange. Often you might think that you are completely ready for something but might not quite posess the skills needed. A place where we often see this is in motor sports. A lot of young people like to race fast in their car or on their motorbike, but don’t always have the experience for this. Suddenly the speeds gets to high for them to handle their car or bike and a mili second later we have a crash. A good way to avoid these types of problems, is by starting out small and step by step increasing the difficulty. Master a certain skill level before moving on to something harder as in this youtube video from kostumer