Easy Ways to Instantly Increase Employee Productivity


Believe it or not, it’s easy to increase employee productivity just by having the right software installed on the computers your employees use. If you think you don’t need to read any further since you’ve already installed spreadsheet and word processing software then hold on. Those aren’t the types of software I’m going to talk about. Instead we are going to tell you about software you may not have considered.

1. Content blocking software
Content blocking software is just that. Its purpose is to block employees from accessing certain types of web sites, instant messaging programs, games, Spyware and more while they’re at work (we recommend System Gate, Ez Internet Timer or Ez Parental Control). With this type of software, you as the system administrator get to decide the type of content you want blocked. That can include sites that promote pornography, online gambling, investing, betting, banking and even online shopping! You probably trust that your employees are doing the work they’re supposed to be doing and you’re probably right. But believe it or not, most employees do use company computers for personal purposes while on the clock. Even if each employee spends just 10 minutes per day conducting personal business on your computers, when you have 12 employees that amounts to 2 full hours of lost productivity every single day! How much longer can you afford to let that continue? Now some of the biggest media sites block access themselves from corporate networks, indeed Netflix and the BBC blocking VPN programs is nothing new.

2. Timer software
Timer software puts the computers at your place of business on timers. When timer software is installed, you’re be able to custom create operating schedules for each computer. Say for example you want one of your computers to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 am until 1:00 pm. With a few clicks of the mouse, you’re done programming the timer software! When employees know that they’re required to complete their computer work within specific time frames otherwise the computer will automatically shutdown, guess what? They’re going to make sure they get that work done! If this sounds a bit mean, it’s not really. Timer software usually includes a feature that lets the computer countdown the time as it gets closer to the pre-programmed log off time.

3. Monitoring software
When you have monitoring software installed, you can know exactly where your employees are going every time they access the Internet while at work. This type of software provides you with reports that include information such as the name of every web site your employees visit, how much time they spend at each site, whether they download any files and if so, the size of the download, and more. Again, while this might seem like an invasion of their privacy, it isn’t. Most small businesses now include a policy on Internet usage as part of their company policy. So if you don’t want your employees watching Hotstar from Europe in their working hours then make sure it’s covered in your internet policy.

Once employees realize you have the capability to keep tabs on their Internet whereabouts, they’ll be less inclined to participate in those activities that are against company policy – especially when doing so may have serious repercussions! So there you have it: Three simple ways software can instantly increase productivity at your place of business!

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