Clean Water For Kids


Nothing is more important – and fundamental – to the health of our youth than ensuring they get a sufficient supply of clean, drinkable water to meet their bodies hydration requirements.  While in some parts of the country the municipal water supply is relatively clear of contaminants, there are some places where infrastructure is poor that it is sensible to utilize refrigerator water filters to cleanse the water before drinking.

It is an unfortunate fact that infrastructure spending in many parts of the United States is insufficient to keep water supplies as pristine as we may like.  By installing a refrigerator water filter in between the city water supply and our drinking cups, we can ensure we are protected against any impurities that may slip through.

As wonderful as it would be to be able to trust the Government to look after us, the reaility of the modern world is that they do not have sufficient funds to provide us all the protection we may need.  By taking proactive steps to filter our water we at least can protect us from government failings in that regard!