Are today’s parents overprotective?


Remember when you were a child? You were using your bike without a helmet, you didn’t have elbow and knee protections when rollerblading and you walked 5 miles to school everyday without having someone to drive you. Today’s parents go to much further length to keep their children safe. Both safe from contact with strangers and safe from psysical harm.

More and more parents won’t even let their kids use public transportation, if the child asks if it’s ok to take the train, some parents would say “don’t even think about it, there might be a bond on it, so stay far away from trains or busses.”. Oh come on, chancing of something like this happedning are about the same as a plane crashing in your home. You are hurting your child much more with all these restrictions and worries. The solution for some parents are to just your kid an Ipad or Playstation and they will spend much more time a t home, where you can keep an eye on them. We have seen way to many examples like this over the last few years. But do you honestly thing that sitting for hours in front an Ipad or Computer is more healthy for your kid, than being outdoor playing soccer and using their body? There is a reason we see more and more obese children in today’s world.

In our days, it was ok to go outside in an old Tshirt or sweater, but today’s children have many more restrictions on their clothes. Now it has to be eco clothing to protect the skin, or certain brands so that the parents can show their social status through their children. Bill from an online shop selling clothes and kostumer, have over the last few years noticed a large increase in parents buying specific clothes for their children, in order to make them send out certain signals. For instance, 5 years ago, a spiderman costume was something just used for Halloween, now it’s a plaything used to enhance the daily fun. Some even go as far as buying a Kostume suit for the kids to wear a school. In order worlds, parents have a much larger say in what type of clothing their younger children wear. Of course all of this changes once the kid becomes a teenager.

If you are worried about your child here’s a few tips to keep him or her a little more safe. These tips are mostly aimed at the younger ones.

•If your kid wants to go somewhere that isn’t near the house or someplace new, make sure there are others going with him or her, at least 2-3 others. People in a group are usually more safe.
• Even though I am against giving a telephone to a kid, it can be useful when they are going to visit someone alone. You use certain Apps to track the location of your kid with it. Otherwise just have them borrow a telefon when get they there, so that they can call home and tell you they arrived there safely.
• Always remind your child to stay in a group and not to wonder of alone.

I still think the worst are the parents, who won’t let their children play outside, climb trees or play football with the other kids. No it’s way better for your kids to sit a home playing Fifa 15 instead of actually being out there playing soccer with the others, and maybe get a bruise or two.