Highest Risk Factors – UK Employment


Which are the UK Occupations that involve the biggest risk of accidents? It might surprise you to know which employment is the most likely to suffer serious health and safety incidents. Much of these are also related to the time of year, although this is probably more due to certain employment being more likely in the different seasons. However if you are looking for a safe job or merely are arranging your health insurance it’s worth being aware of these issues.

During the end of the year workers on oil rigs, factories and mines are wary of their safety much more than they do for the rest of the year. Their families depend on them for livelihood and they need to concentrate immensely on their task further.

But the end of the year deadlines haunt them further to meet quotas and put in more time to work than rest in turn increasing the likelihood of work accidents from happening.

There are of course huge rises in different sectors of employment much of it related to different working patterns.  In the UK there has been growth in self employed workers, these are spread across all sorts of sectors some of which were traditionally employment.  Also in the digital and information technology sector now has many more employees. than twenty years ago.  Although many of those work from home through fast internet connections and rotating proxies.

Listed here are three UK occupations that have a huge health risk among workers.

UK’s construction crews are well-trained, protected and equipped compared to the rest of the world. But contractors themselves could not protect their employees from the high likelihood of any accident at work as it is part of job’s nature.

Toiling day and night into constructing, repairing and improving infrastructures or roads would mean the frequent use of heavy-duty equipment. With a minor mistake, workers could have themselves faced with possible accidents, which is why it is important that training and equipment employers provide efficiently to them.

Chemical Research and Development
One might think that pharmaceutical companies or any chemical research and development centre is an easy job.

It is never easy. Chemists are well-trained in their subject and understand the volatility and relationships of certain chemicals. While they have health insurance for most possible accidents that can happen to them, the harm is consistent.

Chemical research also involves understanding relationships between chemicals discovering their possible volatility point. Deliberately inducing an unstable event will always result in undesirable and possibly harmful situations for everyone involved.

From being part of an underground team to operating heavy machinery and purifying elements on the surface, mining is a dirty business. It’s not because of the eponymous mines, but the risk of being endangered and even die on the job.

Deceased employees must inform their families regarding the methods on how they could claim benefits upon any possible unfortunate circumstance encountered.

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