Creating Effective Presentations


If you’re involved in any sort of public awareness roles, it’s likely that you spend a lot of time both preparing and delivering presentations.   Whether it’s handouts, leaflets, powerpoint presentations or something more sophisticated the quality of these materials can certainly make such a job an awful lot easier.

There is no set standard format on presentation materials and in fact the delivery method will vary greatly depending on the circumstances and of course the audience.   For younger people shorter, and more light hearted approaches can often be more successful and using video presentations and slideshows work very well in this context.

Unfortunately creating these sort of presentations can often require the use of complicated graphic design tools and applications which can be difficult to use.  However the growth of cloud computing has started to change this with a host of sophisticated graphic design programs all hosted remotely which vastly simplify the process of producing videos and slideshows.

The latest of these is from the company Content Samurai, which has produced a unique program which allows you to produce a video presentation in MP4 format in a few minutes.  The following video demonstrates the program being used –

As you can see, the process is fairly straightforward – you copy the text into the program which then creates a basic presentation in a series of individual slides. The next stage is to modify the text layout and fonts if needed and add graphics or special effects to each slide as required.

The final stage is to record the voice over and background music although any of these steps can be missed if required for instance if you prefered no speaking on the video. Finally the video is stored and compiled on the cloud into a video file which can then be downloaded to your computer.

This video is then suitable for either presentation locally or you can upload it to Facebook groups, YouTube channels or distributing wherever is required. The video is kept on the cloud storage and can be modified, downloaded or deleted as required.

Kevin Williams
Online Slideshow Creator