Safety in sports


As many of you know, sports can be dangerous. Most “minor” accidents happens actually during sports. You risk hurting your knee or foot when playing soccer, risk falling of the horse and break something when horse racing, the same goes for skiing. Sports are dangerous, but most of the times the injuries you get while taking part in sport is often minor. Quite different does it look, if we take a closer look at professionel sports. A lot of pro skaters, skiing experts, Football players etc. quite ofte risk getting a serious injury from their sport. And often one that forces them to quit what they are doing and focus on something else. But for most of us, it’s on a much smaller scale. I had recently a talk with James Hegn from who knows quite a lot about this problem. He used to be a pro bikecycle rider and have taken part in several of the big races around Europe. One day he got in a really bad crash and his leg got so damaged that it had to be removed. Since then he have been a huge name in paracycling. James Hegn is just one of many who have gotten badly injured by giving himself 110% to the sport he loves.

There are of course a few things you can do, to help minimize the changes of you getting hurt when taking part of a sport.

Get the proper training
Everything is hard in the beginning. For most people their first bike ride wasn’t down a step hill as that would very likely end with an injury. When you try a new sport, you will very likely need some training from expert before you begin. If we go back to the bike example, something that is very hot here in 2015 is mountainbiking. Most people start out with a friend or something with a low level of experience. Because of this we are seeing a lot of crashes when they try on the rough terrains. A lot of these crashes could have been prevented, if they had taken a few mountainbike classes first. It’s the same with sports such as paragliding or hanggliding, you don’t just read a book about and then go out and start by yourself. A lot of sporting accident wouldn’t happened if the person involved had some training.

Wear the right safety gear
Even with the best training accidents will still happen in sport, even professionel athlets gets hurt now and then. But a lot of the sports related injuries could have been prevented if the person hurt, had been wearing the proper safery gear. For instance there is a lot of people playing american football without any protection. Quite ofte this leads to a fractured collarbone or a concussion. Something that could easily have been avoided by wearing the right protection gear.

Start out small
Another common way of getting injured is by taking on to big a challange. Often you might think that you are completely ready for something but might not quite posess the skills needed. A place where we often see this is in motor sports. A lot of young people like to race fast in their car or on their motorbike, but don’t always have the experience for this. Suddenly the speeds gets to high for them to handle their car or bike and a mili second later we have a crash. A good way to avoid these types of problems, is by starting out small and step by step increasing the difficulty. Master a certain skill level before moving on to something harder as in this youtube video from kostumer

Some Useful Tips to Help Keep You Safe While Travelling


One of the problems about discussing road safety is that there aren’t many drivers who will admit to their own faults. Many people spend a lot of time complaining about other drivers without considering whether or not they are driving safely themselves. By just driving safely, you will avoid physical harm to you and to others and you will probably receive lower insurance payments.  It makes sense on so many levels,  you don’t need to drive like some getaway driver from a cheap Netflix movie, although if you like watching this link shows you how to access Netflix versions.

Here are some basic tips to go by that can help keep you accident free on the road.

The first two things I would like to discuss are both major contributors to accidents on the road and these are speed and distance. If we start with speed, the fact that when you drive too fast you are going to come to grief, is fairly obvious. However, the conditions of by which you speed could put you or others in mortal danger. We already have legal speed limits that we have to follow, but many drivers do not adjust to the ever changing driving conditions throughout the day. As an example, you are able to actually do a little speeding on the open road if there are no cars in sight. However, if it starts to rain or there is snow and fog, you should drive slower.

Thus if we accept that speed is something we need to judge based on road conditions, then what about distance? There are guidelines in place that state how much distance we need to keep between ourselves and the car in front and yet you see so many drivers who seem attracted to the rear of the vehicle before them. You can find people who do this without thinking and there are other people who do it because they are in a rush. There’s a false impression that tailgating the car or truck in front of you will get you anyplace faster. When you do this and the car in front of you gets a blowout or perhaps brakes hard suddenly, you will probably not have enough room to avoid an accident.

The state of your vehicle can be easily forgotten or overlooked. Conducting routine car maintenance is a significant part of car safety. This will once more become so important when weather conditions change and the condition of your tires and brakes can become lifesavers. Automobile upkeep can be expensive so you need to make sure you budget each month for it.

Taking good care and having consideration for other drivers can help keep you safe. The primary thing is to get to where you need to go safely and securely. Strive to minimize any sort of distraction when driving like eating or texting. If you follow all these tips, you are sure to give yourself a great chance of avoiding accidents on the road.

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Some Myths About Security and Safety Programs


You will find three security myths which might be the cause of 80% of the injuries at work.

(1) All we want is a software

(2) Execution is going to be simple, and

(3) Review is great security management. We reveal an improved choice and will dispel all the myths.

Many businesses hire a security advisor so they can satisfy with the regulatory code. Months after, the business has, several or one, quite thick three ring binders full of a variety of security jargon. The jargon could really work if it was deciphered by someone and transmitted it efficiently. In fact, these written novels that are dull gather dust for a long time. They have been just upon which the business security lives, an ornament. That is not a security system. You might be falling for myth #1 in the event you think this is a security system. Many businesses mistakenly believe that their end goal will be to get an application. In fact, obtaining a security system is the start target. Farther, a security system should concentrate on rules, not jargon and security.  There’s some useful information on this on the UK TV media, where the BBC did some excellent documentaries check them out here . Security supervisors must keep in mind there is a difference between actual security and government conformity.

Myth #2 – Enactment Is Likely To be Simple

The main reason is that it requires teamwork to get appropriate execution of a security system. The key to any security system is execution. Additionally it is the most difficult job to complete. Believing security execution is not difficult is a myth which has propagated throughout the security sector which is not true.

This can be an indication that the business does not understand security or care. As these workers will want to visit an organization that’s run more efficiently these kinds of firms will often get rid of their best workers.

Unfortunately, many businesses and small businesses just cannot manage a security officer of all kinds. In such kinds of businesses, you only have to do the best that you can. The crucial point would be to really have a great communicator with all the duty of security dissemination.

Myth #3 – Review Brings Management

Security reviews examine the rules to find out how individuals honor. They report them and look for issues. Usually, after review, direction tells workers where they reprimand where needed and failed.

Workers which can be reprimanded are frequently demoralized on some degree. The truth is, it’s the group the man that’s least enjoyed by the group.

Moreover, security review looks at what’s incorrect. This does not bring security to the business. Why is a business safe would be to look at what’s being done and for strategies to carry on to enhance security. To put it differently, non security is measured by security reviews and that’s what they normally make.

Eventually, the whole image is not dealt with all by security reviews. When something bad happens, it is almost always not the fault of one section or a single man. Rather, the complete system, as a whole, is setting and the issue individual blame is a means for management.

The best way to Do Security Right

Businesses should get a security system that’s not difficult to execute and simple to speak. It ought to function as the aim of the organization while that is never the situation. Reviews are needed to make the application work, but the supervisors should give attention to the machine all together and spend less time assigning blame. Inspiring an excellent worker to be better is than attributing them a lot more efficient.

John Harvings

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