Make Sure Your Car is Safe Before You Drive


Should you drive an automobile, the condition of your vehicle is essential to your own safety as well as your family and other road users. The goal of having your car serviced is so that it is possible to correct any kind of problems before they become safety issues. However, you can’t just depend on regular servicing to keep your vehicle safe; you need to frequently inspect the vehicle yourself. Specifically, you should carefully check out your car previous to extended trips and in the winter months when snow and ice can be an issue. Continue reading to discover some of the things you can do to make sure your car is safe.



The windscreen on your car or truck is obviously where you view the road from and you need that vision to be as clear as possible. You need to be certain you keep an eye out for any small chips in the windshield as you can more easily eliminate these before they become large cracks that may endanger you while you’re on the road. At the very least, make certain you keep both the outside and inside of your windshield clean and don’t forget to keep any eye on your wiper blades. A worn out wiper isn’t only a distraction, it’ll also not do the job effectively which is essential in poor weather. Whenever you clean your windshield, make sure to use a cleaner made especially for glass so that you can see through the windshield clearly without having to look around smeared spots.

A visual check of your tires is not hard to do and if done correctly you can identify problems before they become more serious. The tread on a tire can get worn in different places, so be sure to look all over especially on the inside where you would not always notice any wear. Checking more carefully may expose that a sharp object such as a nail may have made its way into the tire and, therefore, you will need to take it to a tire shop to see if they can repair it or replace it. In addition to the tires you are currently using, make sure that your spare tire is in good condition too as you never know when you may need this. You can check the pressure in your tires by yourself and it’s important to repeat this on a regularly scheduled basis.

In addition, you need to arrange times where you examine various fluid levels and the different lights on your vehicle. Keeping your brakes in working order is crucial and you should keep an ear out for any strange sounds as this might indicate a problem. It’s not a bad idea to keep your car stocked with emergency supplies such as a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, as well as warm blankets and extra food during the winter.

There’s loads of more detailed information available on the internet, but make sure you only use reputable resources. ┬áThere’s some useful guidance from a variety of Automobile Associations in several different countries. ┬áThe ones in the UK are especially useful, check out the RAC and the AA although you may need a UK IP address to access the members areas of the site – use this.

Should you wish to feel protected while you’re driving, you need to take measures to get used to regularly running a series of quick checks on your vehicle.

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