Sussex Safety Events for Kids


It’s great to see safety events which are targeted specifically at children, especially the younger generation.  More than 1000 young children of primary school age will get the chance to enjoy a ‘hands on’ safety and learning event this month.  The event is called Safety in Action and is designed to use active learning methods in order to allow children to assess and experience risk in some hopefully interesting and fun scenarios.   This very successful event is now in it’s 23rd year.

The principle is well established, allow children to learn through a series of supervised events rather than classroom based traditional lessons.  This does of course require dedicated and specialized venues but these can be set up relatively simply with the right sort of funding.  It will hopefully allow many 10-11 year old children to learn by experience about safety.

One of the advantages in arranging these dedicated events is that they can cover many more areas than traditional methods.  There’s a wide array of scenarios based upon hazards that children may encounter in their lives.  Sussex Police will be running some scenarios based on road and personal safety – these are especially  important to this age range.  Research has suggested that these lessons are reinforced and more effective when delivered by people in authority such as the police.

Other scenarios are from the Ambulance service who will cover some basic lessons on dealing with a casualty.  East Sussex Fire and Rescue will cover some scenarios such as reporting a fire, arson and some lessons on electrical safety.   Southern railway networks run a very important scenario called rucksack on the railway line which most children find very interesting.  The Lifeboat service will run some water safety scenarios and there will also be representatives from the NHS.  These will include NHS nurses who will talk about alcohol safety to the children.

Most of the event will take place in the month of June as normal, but there will be some carry over to school based follow up events as well.  This web site hopes that the event will continue for many more years as it’s just the sort of initiative which makes a real positive difference in a host of safety areas.   There’s more information on their web site and it’s also worth mentioning the kids safety advice you can find on the BBC kids section.  Although you still need a UK based IP address in order to access the majority of the broadcasts, you can access the rest of the website.

Jenny Handson

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