Skip College and Become a Plumber?


The mayor of New York City has done it again. At an event on Friday, Michael Bloomberg opened his mouth without thinking and proceeded to insult countless supporters.

He tactlessly told a crowd of average high schoolers that they should forgo college and become plumbers instead. Encouraging. Right? Not so much, as the mayor, you would think that he would have a touch more common sense. But no, he basically told a group of highschool students that they were inferior. He insinuated that those mediocre students should not only forgo the prestigious university, but also drop the entire notion of even obtaining a degree.

According to the mayor, the people who have the most difficulty are those who are not geniuses. Apparently, Michael Bloomberg thinks that to the “average joe”, becoming a plumber instead of obtaining a degree from an ivy league university is a better route. You know, because at least that way you don’t accumulate an enormous amount in student loans or spend thousands of dollars, without generating any income.

Mr. Bloomberg not only believes that skipping out on college is a good idea, he even went so far as to discuss the jobs that won’t likely become outsourced. It’s hard to farm that out… and it’s hard to automate that, he reasoned. He goes on with his plumber propaganda, by spewing statistics about how plumbers have far less debt and make more money than many college graduates.

We spoke to plumber Joe from Plumbers Boise and he stated “I got the same advice from my father and it had worked out great for me”.

Unsurprisingly, many were not completely in support of Michael Bloomberg’s advice. One being a student adviser, who helps out with college financial planning. The adviser felt that the mayor’s advice was misleading and one-sided. The only colleges that typically fall in the exorbitant cost range of $40,000 to $50,000 are the ivy leagues and elite.

There are many other college options out there, and not only the elite universities are worth attending. College degrees should be highly desired and pursued. The mayor should perhaps consider the more average individual instead of letting his superior-elitist-attitude cloud his judgement and wisdom. By having such a close-minded view, he risked estranging potential supporters and even more importantly, he potentially discouraged many impressionable young people.