Internet Could Divide the UK


It’s a commonly held assumption that the internet will on the whole bring people together.  It’s easy to think this, of course it’s the  greatest communication medium of the modern world – we can speak and talk with people across the planet with ease.  However a recent report has suggested that rather than bring communities together there is a danger that we should think carefully about the negative aspects of the internet.

Of course there are aspects of the internet that are the ultimate social leveller, the potential is there for people of different races, creeds and religions to come together to discuss their lives and beliefs.  However is this what actually happens?  The report suggests that in fact the internet often brings like minded people together who then create very isolated communities and groups.  It can reinforce any sort of behaviour both good and bad.

Anyone who has ever looked inside a forum with strong views and beliefs will see how people with an opposite view are often treated.  Take a simple example of a Teams football forum, the members will rarely mix with other supporters and any who do wander in are often treated rudely and aggressively.

How these virtual communities develop is not fully understood but it is clear they can have a very significant impact upon peoples lives.  Many youngsters have many more digital friends than physical ones and they will likely form them with very specific groups of people.  Although tech savvy and able to utilise technology from various sources like VPNs and proxies for instance to bypass content filters and firewalls – as demonstrated on this site.

Obviously social sites like Twitter and Facebook don’t intentionally create isolated groups, yet even here the technology is based on ’likes’ and ’preferences’ which slowly create specific groups within groups even amongst your digital friends.

Health as an Art Form


A person’s health in general is not commonly considered as an art form, but on reflection how can it be anything else? The amazingly intricate detail that went in to creating the human body and all the extremely complex functionality that it contains is a marvel of artistic licence not visible on such a scale anywhere else. So what do we need to think about in order to maintain these physical miracles in the best condition possible?

Like an intricate painting or sculpture, the details should be kept in mind while enjoying the experience of taking in the overall view. That means keeping up with what the mirror is telling us and attending to any minor detail that has gotten out of place before it escalates into something major.

Watching for Changes

The most important thing we can do is to keep a close watch on our outward physical appearance and noticing anything that wasn’t there before. This could be a blemish on the skin, or a roll of fat that seems to be betting larger. It could also be a slight change in the way we are standing.

If we are normally known for standing straight with shoulders back and chest out, but suddenly notice that our composure has relaxed, our shoulders beginning to droop and our back not as straight as it used to be, it could be an indication of trouble on the horizon.

Stress and Worry

Keeping an eye on how we are reacting to certain situations can also help to stave off a potentially problematical experience borne out of increased levels of stress or worry. These two emotionally draining situations can change our outward appearance from a thing of artistic beauty to that if a worn out machine.

Often we are not even aware that we are under so much stress until we catch sight of ourselves unexpectedly in a store window reflection as we pass by for instance. The shock of seeing ourselves as we truly appear instead of what our minds have stored of how we think we appear can be enough to jump start our inner warning alarm that forces us to take action.

Health In General

The state of our health in general should be monitored frequently to ensure everything is as it should be. When we are made aware of any changes in our outward appearance that can signal the onset of a condition that may negatively alter our state of health, we can take the correct remedial action to prevent its escalation into something worse.

Being aware of ourselves both visually and mentally is the key to maintaining our beautiful bodies as the precious works of art that they are. They are certainly worth the effort!