The Need for Youth Fitness


Over the decades, there seems to have been a slow shift in the amount of fitness training and exercise undertaken by young people. Where it was common in the past to spend many hours each week in the pursuit of physical fitness through a variety of exercise and sports programs in schools, these days the number of hours has diminished.

This can be attributed to the shift toward more time spent working with computers and handheld mobile devices, as well as staying at home more in the evenings after school to play computer games or use the Internet instead of meeting friends to play sports, ride bikes or the many other activities that older generations took for granted.  But how does all this change affect the physical condition of younger people. And how does it affect people going forward into more advanced years?

There is growing evidence to suggest that the swing away from so much physical activity to a more sedentary lifestyle in youth sets people up for a less active adulthood. This can have a variety of health damaging aspects, from lower disease resistance to the propensity to weight gain and obesity.

Many people recognize the potential problems that leading this kind of lifestyle can bring in their future and set about improving their physical condition by joining a gym or taking up a sport or physical exercise regime. This is important for setting the stage for a healthier middle age and beyond.

Tackling the problem at its root, in the formative years of youth is not necessarily quite so straight forward. It can be tough to convince teens that they should be outside playing football or skateboarding or riding a bike and not enjoying the mental stimulation and excitement of the latest computer game!

Of course many teens are still highly motivated to exercise and play sports. This is evident by the many excellent up coming sportspeople competing at the highest level. We just need to get more young people to recognize that while they don’t all need to be the next top sportspeople, they do need to get sufficient exercise to ensure their physical fitness levels are up to par.

There are many ways this can be achieved. Making exercise fun is one way, such as promoting things like Frisbee throwing, volleyball or table tennis, for example. More on this subject can be found at this excellent site: where alternative forms of exercise activities are highlighted and covered in greater detail.