Safety can be defined as a state in which hazards and conditions leading to physical, psychological, and material harm are controlled in order to preserve the health and well- being of individuals and communities. Safety is a dynamic state resulting from the interaction of human beings With their physical, social, cultural, technological, political, economic and organisational environment.

The objective is to establish a permanent state of vigilance and develop the mechanisms to control danger on a contionous basis.

SAFETY relates to various dimensions of physical, social, and psychological well being. It includes the prevention and control of injuries, both physical and psychological, to individuals and communities as it should be contained in the notion of ” human security” Which is being discussed by the UN Security Council.

Essential conditions for both physical safety and the perception of safety include:

  • freedom from violence in a climate of peace, justice and equity protecting human rights;
  • the respect of values of individuals and communities as well as the physical, material, and psychological integrity of individuals;
  • strict enforcement of norms of transparency and accountability.

SAFETY can be achieved by acting on structures, environments, and Attitudes and behaviours. This can be affected by:

  • sharing information on risk and options for risk contol between the public and political, professional, scientific, and community groups;
  • concerted actions to maximize levels of safety achievable under the given conditions;
  • adequate mechanisms for allocating resources for those in need and for resolution of conflicting interests;
  • legal bases for ensuring accountability of individuals, organisations and governments at all levels.


1st- Injury is a huge burden as measured by disability – adjusted life years and as reflected in the burden of violence ( as quantified in the upcoming WHO World Report on violence).

2nd- It is important to look holistically at safety because of the increase In complexity and interdependence of many related issues that interact with safety, including health, the environment, peace promotion and war, economic well being and development,

3rd- The notion of Safety as a Human Right is an important policy tool For injury control and safety promotion.It is a way to bring together the Injury Control community for collective action that can be more effective than separate communities or individuals acting alone.

4th- A document elaborating the Right to Safety will be presented for discussions and adoption next year in the world conference and hopefully this document will be supported by a collective action through the United Nations and the WHO.


EDUCATION: Basic principles of road safety have to be continously published by NGOs, schools, universities, clubs, media.

ENGINEERING: Better road maintenance, construction of more pedestrian bridges, traffic lights.

ENFORCEMENT: Implementing all traffic rules & regulations on all Who share the roads.

Marketing a Traditional Business Online


All company owners would happily do anything to increase the income of their business. There are people who prefer to think that their main goal is to provide a product to a market in need but the fact is your ultimate objective is to earn as much money as possible. There’s a good chance it’s your most important goal.

graph-752712_640 (1)

This is why you want to incorporate internet marketing strategies into your overall marketing plan. It’s quite likely that you already use the internet in your business, at least to a small degree. Your offices probably have internet and email access. Here are a few extra things you can do to help you earn more money with the online community.

Star your company in a video you make. This is different to filming and advertisement. Have a look online and you can see some fantastic examples, try the UK commercial TV stations for some great examples. If you’re outside the UK you’ll need a fake IP address to view them like this –

Okay, it’s not that dissimilar but there are still things that aren’t the same. The video is going to be both about you and your company. This video won’t be showing up on prime time television. You don’t want to invest a lot of money into it so you can use your own equipment to create it. You want to put it online on as many video sharing sites as you can think of, like Vimeo and YouTube. Online video has become extremely popular over the past year or so. You must make sure that your company features a video so people can see it and then follow through to your site and discover more about what you do. Buy advertising online. You can do this using the Google Adwords tool fairly easily. It doesn’t take long for pay per click advertising to get really expensive, though, so keep an eye on things. When you want to target your audience through web based advertising, you should work with individual sellers and their websites to buy space. Not only do you get more control through this, your budget will thank you for it too. You could also buy advertising through portals like Izea – which pairs up blog publishers and businesses who want to spread the word about what they offer.

Convince some of your existing customers to post reviews on what doing business with you is like. These reviews should be posted in any area where people look for information regarding companies in their area that provide specific services, like Google and Yelp. You want them to be honest. This will help you convince those who are looking for certain things in your area to give your business a try. Remember, Internet Marketing doesn’t ignore the “traditional” world. It just enhances it somewhat. There are lots of different things that you can do on the Internet to help market and promote your “traditional” business. Most importantly, there is a global market out there just waiting to find out about your business and you. If you haven’t put put your business online yet you’re passing up all kinds of profits!

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Effective Techniques for Coping with Social Stress


Depending upon the severity of the stress in your life, social stress can take a toll on you. It’s not just the stress of social situations, but the effects of it on your body and mind. You can learn how to cope and even overcome it, but it will take a serious effort. Close friends can help you out, and family members will usually be very supportive. It may be a larger challenge for you without a support group, but there is nothing you can’t handle.

Are you currently dealing with stress at social events? Here are some ways to handle these situations very effectively. A lot of the stress that people feel when going to social events is the anticipation of going. By not planning to go to any social event, you can eliminate this problem.


In other words, do something spontaneous in a social way that you otherwise know will cause stress. Since you are not planning in advance, you won’t have to worry about the event . If you are not worried about the event, you also won’t change your mind about going. See how this works? So by simply going to a social event, and not worrying about the consequences, you can avoid the stress that will usually manifest. There are other things you can do, but this will certainly help you decrease your stress levels. Although of course it’s dangerous to generalize, many nationalities have a better attitude to stress and work than others – an Australian lifestyle is often cited, you can even watch the BBC there – check this.

Stress that most people feel is usually caused by how they feel in general, what they are experiencing in their daily life. Although your emotions play a large role in the social stress that you experience, determining what feelings are actually causing the stress is hard to discern. More than likely, there are several related issues causing your stress, which means you need to look for clues as to what they actually are. The stress that you are experiencing may be the result of something that happened in your past, which are related to these feelings. Your stress could be a response to situations that occurred in your past. Maybe you were very young when something occurred, and is buried memory is still causing you to react in certain ways.

Try to get comfortable with your own skin, and that means being accepting and comfortable with yourself. By referencing yourself, you are referring to who you are in regard to your personality. Many people may not be able to do this, and this might be you too. It is so important to look at yourself and be happy, and if you are not, then you need to find a way to be this way. By having a negative outlook about yourself and your life, things may come your way that are positive, but you’ll never see them. Whoever you have become, if you are comfortable with yourself, your stress levels will not be that high. So many more people will be drawn to when you start assuming a more positive outlook on life. If you really want to limit the fears in your life, and also deal with stress, simple observations can help you a lot. Anyone that truly desires to have positive things happen in their life, will start to have a more solid awareness of the things around them. It begins with having more awareness of yourself. Once you do, the positive changes.

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Social Skills That Can Boost Your Career


An organization is all about the services it supplies or the products it creates, however an organization can be about people: consumers, customers and workers. An organization just does not exist. As an employee in a organization, building positive relationships with individuals is as important a skill as understanding draft a suggestion the best way to predict market trends or weld widgets.

If you are not socially unaware, you might be able to:

  • Figure out the unsaid rules on the job
  • Comprehend Your Organisation’s priorities and your role
  • Link to other coworkers and customers

During the past decade, lots of research was conducted demonstrating that people who acquire these abilities tend to be much more fulfilled with their work and more successful. Having these social skills are an essential prelude to maintaining and establishing relationships that are significant in interpersonally and teams. Here are five social skills that’ll prevent you on the correct path in the event you would like to achieve your organization.

Know about others’ dispositions that are negative and do not let yourself go there. Negative emotions are specifically powerful when itis a manager who’s in a nasty disposition. Restrain your personal reactions, striving to keep an even, calm tone of voice regardless of how really loud the man that is irate becomes. In the event that you are sure it is possible to get the job done, in case your supervisor is ranting about impossible deadlines, for instance, offer support and self-confidence.

Become section of the grapevine. The office grapevine is an everyday connections path that circulates organization-related info that is important although not always essential for each worker to learn, so direction does not formalize dissemination of the info. Grapevine advice can contain when a brand new place emerges, who’s about the shortlist for promotion, when important stakeholder or a partner is pulling out, or whether senior leaders are contemplating implementing a brand new IT system or a VPN dial in like this. It is quite an honour to be known as somebody who is aware of what is happening in the organization-someone that others trust to get info that is precise. Don’t mistake the grapevine with rumor. Rumor does not function the organization it is generally private judgmental and meanspirited.

Participate coworkers in dialogue. It is natural to own real interest in regards to individuals you work alongside. Ask questions of a coworker’s interests, former occupations, family, targets that are future -whatever strikes you as interesting. Share insights to the type of man you’re. You’ll locate commonalities as well as a basis for deepening reverence when you establish a trusting connection with others. Another perk to building relationships is the fact that those who trust you tend to be more inclined to keep you advised when they learn office news that is significant.

Network of the business at all degrees. Get to know HR or Advertising along with the workers in the Print section. Too frequently, ambitious individuals make the error of networking that is only upward, blowing off administrative staff and peers. That is a blunder. When you are embroiled in a grueling deadline, it is not the senior team that will be reworking that million dollar proposition or crunching numbers. In the event you have been dismissive of staff and peers, you might find yourself entirely alone with that deadline and pile of work to finish.

Say exactly what you mean, but edit that which you say. Individuals may value truthfulness, however tact is respected by them. Speak your truth in a professional and thoughtful manner. It is possible to choose to fulfill with Bob and his manager, or Bob, after. Get it resolved as fast as you possibly can and the main idea would be to air the mistake. Could it be something that can impact the organization? Have others expressed similar worries? Make sure of your facts before you speak out; and stay open to hearing the opposition’s reasons. There just might be some variable you haven’t considered.

Jamie Hallworth

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Are today’s parents overprotective?


Remember when you were a child? You were using your bike without a helmet, you didn’t have elbow and knee protections when rollerblading and you walked 5 miles to school everyday without having someone to drive you. Today’s parents go to much further length to keep their children safe. Both safe from contact with strangers and safe from psysical harm.

More and more parents won’t even let their kids use public transportation, if the child asks if it’s ok to take the train, some parents would say “don’t even think about it, there might be a bond on it, so stay far away from trains or busses.”. Oh come on, chancing of something like this happedning are about the same as a plane crashing in your home. You are hurting your child much more with all these restrictions and worries. The solution for some parents are to just your kid an Ipad or Playstation and they will spend much more time a t home, where you can keep an eye on them. We have seen way to many examples like this over the last few years. But do you honestly thing that sitting for hours in front an Ipad or Computer is more healthy for your kid, than being outdoor playing soccer and using their body? There is a reason we see more and more obese children in today’s world.

In our days, it was ok to go outside in an old Tshirt or sweater, but today’s children have many more restrictions on their clothes. Now it has to be eco clothing to protect the skin, or certain brands so that the parents can show their social status through their children. Bill from an online shop selling clothes and kostumer, have over the last few years noticed a large increase in parents buying specific clothes for their children, in order to make them send out certain signals. For instance, 5 years ago, a spiderman costume was something just used for Halloween, now it’s a plaything used to enhance the daily fun. Some even go as far as buying a Kostume suit for the kids to wear a school. In order worlds, parents have a much larger say in what type of clothing their younger children wear. Of course all of this changes once the kid becomes a teenager.

If you are worried about your child here’s a few tips to keep him or her a little more safe. These tips are mostly aimed at the younger ones.

•If your kid wants to go somewhere that isn’t near the house or someplace new, make sure there are others going with him or her, at least 2-3 others. People in a group are usually more safe.
• Even though I am against giving a telephone to a kid, it can be useful when they are going to visit someone alone. You use certain Apps to track the location of your kid with it. Otherwise just have them borrow a telefon when get they there, so that they can call home and tell you they arrived there safely.
• Always remind your child to stay in a group and not to wonder of alone.

I still think the worst are the parents, who won’t let their children play outside, climb trees or play football with the other kids. No it’s way better for your kids to sit a home playing Fifa 15 instead of actually being out there playing soccer with the others, and maybe get a bruise or two.


Safety in sports


As many of you know, sports can be dangerous. Most “minor” accidents happens actually during sports. You risk hurting your knee or foot when playing soccer, risk falling of the horse and break something when horse racing, the same goes for skiing. Sports are dangerous, but most of the times the injuries you get while taking part in sport is often minor. Quite different does it look, if we take a closer look at professionel sports. A lot of pro skaters, skiing experts, Football players etc. quite ofte risk getting a serious injury from their sport. And often one that forces them to quit what they are doing and focus on something else. But for most of us, it’s on a much smaller scale. I had recently a talk with James Hegn from who knows quite a lot about this problem. He used to be a pro bikecycle rider and have taken part in several of the big races around Europe. One day he got in a really bad crash and his leg got so damaged that it had to be removed. Since then he have been a huge name in paracycling. James Hegn is just one of many who have gotten badly injured by giving himself 110% to the sport he loves.

There are of course a few things you can do, to help minimize the changes of you getting hurt when taking part of a sport.

Get the proper training
Everything is hard in the beginning. For most people their first bike ride wasn’t down a step hill as that would very likely end with an injury. When you try a new sport, you will very likely need some training from expert before you begin. If we go back to the bike example, something that is very hot here in 2015 is mountainbiking. Most people start out with a friend or something with a low level of experience. Because of this we are seeing a lot of crashes when they try on the rough terrains. A lot of these crashes could have been prevented, if they had taken a few mountainbike classes first. It’s the same with sports such as paragliding or hanggliding, you don’t just read a book about and then go out and start by yourself. A lot of sporting accident wouldn’t happened if the person involved had some training.

Wear the right safety gear
Even with the best training accidents will still happen in sport, even professionel athlets gets hurt now and then. But a lot of the sports related injuries could have been prevented if the person hurt, had been wearing the proper safery gear. For instance there is a lot of people playing american football without any protection. Quite ofte this leads to a fractured collarbone or a concussion. Something that could easily have been avoided by wearing the right protection gear.

Start out small
Another common way of getting injured is by taking on to big a challange. Often you might think that you are completely ready for something but might not quite posess the skills needed. A place where we often see this is in motor sports. A lot of young people like to race fast in their car or on their motorbike, but don’t always have the experience for this. Suddenly the speeds gets to high for them to handle their car or bike and a mili second later we have a crash. A good way to avoid these types of problems, is by starting out small and step by step increasing the difficulty. Master a certain skill level before moving on to something harder as in this youtube video from kostumer

Some Useful Tips to Help Keep You Safe While Travelling


One of the problems about discussing road safety is that there aren’t many drivers who will admit to their own faults. Many people spend a lot of time complaining about other drivers without considering whether or not they are driving safely themselves. By just driving safely, you will avoid physical harm to you and to others and you will probably receive lower insurance payments.  It makes sense on so many levels,  you don’t need to drive like some getaway driver from a cheap Netflix movie, although if you like watching this link shows you how to access Netflix versions.

Here are some basic tips to go by that can help keep you accident free on the road.

The first two things I would like to discuss are both major contributors to accidents on the road and these are speed and distance. If we start with speed, the fact that when you drive too fast you are going to come to grief, is fairly obvious. However, the conditions of by which you speed could put you or others in mortal danger. We already have legal speed limits that we have to follow, but many drivers do not adjust to the ever changing driving conditions throughout the day. As an example, you are able to actually do a little speeding on the open road if there are no cars in sight. However, if it starts to rain or there is snow and fog, you should drive slower.

Thus if we accept that speed is something we need to judge based on road conditions, then what about distance? There are guidelines in place that state how much distance we need to keep between ourselves and the car in front and yet you see so many drivers who seem attracted to the rear of the vehicle before them. You can find people who do this without thinking and there are other people who do it because they are in a rush. There’s a false impression that tailgating the car or truck in front of you will get you anyplace faster. When you do this and the car in front of you gets a blowout or perhaps brakes hard suddenly, you will probably not have enough room to avoid an accident.

The state of your vehicle can be easily forgotten or overlooked. Conducting routine car maintenance is a significant part of car safety. This will once more become so important when weather conditions change and the condition of your tires and brakes can become lifesavers. Automobile upkeep can be expensive so you need to make sure you budget each month for it.

Taking good care and having consideration for other drivers can help keep you safe. The primary thing is to get to where you need to go safely and securely. Strive to minimize any sort of distraction when driving like eating or texting. If you follow all these tips, you are sure to give yourself a great chance of avoiding accidents on the road.

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Some Myths About Security and Safety Programs


You will find three security myths which might be the cause of 80% of the injuries at work.

(1) All we want is a software

(2) Execution is going to be simple, and

(3) Review is great security management. We reveal an improved choice and will dispel all the myths.

Many businesses hire a security advisor so they can satisfy with the regulatory code. Months after, the business has, several or one, quite thick three ring binders full of a variety of security jargon. The jargon could really work if it was deciphered by someone and transmitted it efficiently. In fact, these written novels that are dull gather dust for a long time. They have been just upon which the business security lives, an ornament. That is not a security system. You might be falling for myth #1 in the event you think this is a security system. Many businesses mistakenly believe that their end goal will be to get an application. In fact, obtaining a security system is the start target. Farther, a security system should concentrate on rules, not jargon and security.  There’s some useful information on this on the UK TV media, where the BBC did some excellent documentaries check them out here . Security supervisors must keep in mind there is a difference between actual security and government conformity.

Myth #2 – Enactment Is Likely To be Simple

The main reason is that it requires teamwork to get appropriate execution of a security system. The key to any security system is execution. Additionally it is the most difficult job to complete. Believing security execution is not difficult is a myth which has propagated throughout the security sector which is not true.

This can be an indication that the business does not understand security or care. As these workers will want to visit an organization that’s run more efficiently these kinds of firms will often get rid of their best workers.

Unfortunately, many businesses and small businesses just cannot manage a security officer of all kinds. In such kinds of businesses, you only have to do the best that you can. The crucial point would be to really have a great communicator with all the duty of security dissemination.

Myth #3 – Review Brings Management

Security reviews examine the rules to find out how individuals honor. They report them and look for issues. Usually, after review, direction tells workers where they reprimand where needed and failed.

Workers which can be reprimanded are frequently demoralized on some degree. The truth is, it’s the group the man that’s least enjoyed by the group.

Moreover, security review looks at what’s incorrect. This does not bring security to the business. Why is a business safe would be to look at what’s being done and for strategies to carry on to enhance security. To put it differently, non security is measured by security reviews and that’s what they normally make.

Eventually, the whole image is not dealt with all by security reviews. When something bad happens, it is almost always not the fault of one section or a single man. Rather, the complete system, as a whole, is setting and the issue individual blame is a means for management.

The best way to Do Security Right

Businesses should get a security system that’s not difficult to execute and simple to speak. It ought to function as the aim of the organization while that is never the situation. Reviews are needed to make the application work, but the supervisors should give attention to the machine all together and spend less time assigning blame. Inspiring an excellent worker to be better is than attributing them a lot more efficient.

John Harvings

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Make Sure Your Car is Safe Before You Drive


Should you drive an automobile, the condition of your vehicle is essential to your own safety as well as your family and other road users. The goal of having your car serviced is so that it is possible to correct any kind of problems before they become safety issues. However, you can’t just depend on regular servicing to keep your vehicle safe; you need to frequently inspect the vehicle yourself. Specifically, you should carefully check out your car previous to extended trips and in the winter months when snow and ice can be an issue. Continue reading to discover some of the things you can do to make sure your car is safe.



The windscreen on your car or truck is obviously where you view the road from and you need that vision to be as clear as possible. You need to be certain you keep an eye out for any small chips in the windshield as you can more easily eliminate these before they become large cracks that may endanger you while you’re on the road. At the very least, make certain you keep both the outside and inside of your windshield clean and don’t forget to keep any eye on your wiper blades. A worn out wiper isn’t only a distraction, it’ll also not do the job effectively which is essential in poor weather. Whenever you clean your windshield, make sure to use a cleaner made especially for glass so that you can see through the windshield clearly without having to look around smeared spots.

A visual check of your tires is not hard to do and if done correctly you can identify problems before they become more serious. The tread on a tire can get worn in different places, so be sure to look all over especially on the inside where you would not always notice any wear. Checking more carefully may expose that a sharp object such as a nail may have made its way into the tire and, therefore, you will need to take it to a tire shop to see if they can repair it or replace it. In addition to the tires you are currently using, make sure that your spare tire is in good condition too as you never know when you may need this. You can check the pressure in your tires by yourself and it’s important to repeat this on a regularly scheduled basis.

In addition, you need to arrange times where you examine various fluid levels and the different lights on your vehicle. Keeping your brakes in working order is crucial and you should keep an ear out for any strange sounds as this might indicate a problem. It’s not a bad idea to keep your car stocked with emergency supplies such as a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, as well as warm blankets and extra food during the winter.

There’s loads of more detailed information available on the internet, but make sure you only use reputable resources.  There’s some useful guidance from a variety of Automobile Associations in several different countries.  The ones in the UK are especially useful, check out the RAC and the AA although you may need a UK IP address to access the members areas of the site – use this.

Should you wish to feel protected while you’re driving, you need to take measures to get used to regularly running a series of quick checks on your vehicle.

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The Roads Would be Safer if We All Drove Defensively


Bad drivers are the cause of most accidents that occur on roadways. The main problem with this, is the majority of people hurt are not the ones causing the car wrecks. Regardless if you like it or not, whenever you get behind the wheel of your car, you should be prepared to be a defensive driver. The one sensible way to drive, is to keep alert, and watch the other drivers, predicting what they might do.

When you’re driving, there are lots of things you can do to be prepared for the unexpected. The top thing to do is to be watchful. When you are navigating a car, you don’t need to be talking to other passengers or someone on your mobile phone or even looking at things by the side of the road. The key reason for driving is actually to go from one place to another place, safely. Whatever can result in a distraction, such as car radios, cell phones, laying on makeup, and other passengers, are all different ways that can cause an accident.

Although chatting on a cellular phone while driving is forbidden in many places around the world, that has not stopped people from doing so. Driving with a single hand, while using the cell phone in the other, is usually a problem because the conversation is usually distracting. Before you know it, you’re going to be so caught up in your communication that you will be totally unaware of driving conditions. In the event you need to move quickly in order to avoid hitting something, your reaction time may be extremely slow if you’re concentrating on something other than your driving. There is no way to predict when driving conditions may suddenly change so you need to be ever vigilant.


If you want something to highlight the dangers of not concentrating and other driving videos, check out the UK public safety ones.  Some of these are very dramatic and make you think about how you drive.   They are not always accessible outside the UK but if you use an IP anonymizer – here, then you can watch them.

You ought to pay attention because you can never predict when you may come up on a pothole or something else in the road. A good number of highways are generally safe to drive on, but harmful things can get on the road, like stuff falling off a garbage truck, or a construction vehicle, and also many places rocks can roll down onto the road. Things like this make accidents possible whenever you least expect them. Should the driver abruptly runs into some unexpected debris in the road, he will probably obtain some harm to his car particularly if he is driving at high speeds. Yet, conditions could possibly be dangerous enough that you could collide with another vehicle or maybe roll your own vehicle. Little doubt it is possible to recall more than one time when you needed to suddenly veer to one side so you wouldn’t drive across something in the road, and how much worse might this have been if your attention had been diverted?

If there’s a probability of animals or pedestrians being in the vicinity, it is especially important that you pay attention to what’s going on around you. A defensive driver will be on the alert for them at all times. It will be a pity if you injured someone with your careless, inattentive driving when they were doing nothing wrong.


James Hutchings writes online about Technology, Cars and Safety Issues.

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